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Helping Families With Wrongful Death Claims

The loss of a family member or loved one in a fatal accident is a tremendous blow, especially if the death was caused by a faulty product or perhaps a drunk driver. At the Law Offices of Mohammed Alzaidi, our attorney is devoted to helping Arizona families during this time of loss. Our staff handles wrongful death matters with sensitivity and care, knowing the pain and suffering that loved ones are going through at this incredibly difficult time.

Unfortunately, along with the emotional turmoil of the loss is the fact that it can also put a tremendous strain on the finances of a family. There are funeral expenses, as well as medical and hospital bills not covered by insurance. There is also the lost income to consider, either because the parent supported the family, or because the deceased had future earning potential. Often this financial burden leaves the survivors no choice.

What A Wrongful Death Claim Can Do

A wrongful death claim will not bring back a loved one killed in an accident, but it can help the family move forward and rebuild their lives in the aftermath. Financial stability can help address issues such as:

  • Child care: Single parents will need help caring for their children, particularly young ones.
  • Home maintenance: Those jobs around the house that dad used to do must now be paid for.
  • Cooking: A single parent may not have the time or ability to regularly cook meals.
  • Transportation: A parent or older sibling often needs to get kids to school, run errands and generally move family members from one place to another.
  • Other things: Family members perform many important tasks for each other on a daily basis.

How We Can Help

We will sit down with you and listen to all the details of your loss and the central role that your loved one had in your family. As personal injury attorneys, we can determine the cost of what it will take to compensate for that loss, which will include the cost of lost income, the expense upon the family for the death, the expense for performing the above roles, as well as the immense pain and suffering that a family endures when they pick up the pieces.

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