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Protecting The Elderly

People continue to live longer and longer thanks to medical breakthroughs. Currently, there is an estimated four out of every 10 people who will end up living in an elder care facility or nursing home. The unfortunate dark side to these numbers is that there is a rise in elder abuse and elderly patients injured in a nursing home or facility. Reasons for this include staff that are not properly trained or overworked, and there are some who would not be hired if a background check had been more thorough.

At the Law Offices of Mohammed Alzaidi, we are dedicated to working with the families of the elderly to provide protection they need and compensation they deserve. As with our work in other areas of personal injury, we investigate any issue brought to our attention to determine if there is valid claim. We often work with experts in their field to gain additional insight into issues of nursing home neglect or abuse. Each case is different with different outcomes, but we are always determined to hold the guilty parties responsible.

Is Your Elderly Loved One A Victim Of Neglect?

Because of deteriorated mental capacities, some elderly may not even be aware of the nursing home neglect they receive. Therefore, it is important for family and friends to be vigilant for signs, including:

  • Failure of staff to properly administer medication
  • Failure of staff to provide food and other necessities
  • Failure of staff to provide care and cleaning of patients
  • Failure of staff to keep living spaces clean and free of contaminants

Is Your Elderly Loved One A Victim Of Abuse?

While neglect is relatively easy to recognize when you visit loved ones, nursing home abuse can be harder to determine. The following are signs of different types of abuse:

  • Financial abuse: This includes staff using credit cards or taking money. Watch for unusual online purchases, even if the elderly person claims they wanted to buy it.
  • Physical abuse: Some elderly get violent due to dementia, but watch for bruising that is not properly explained.
  • Emotional abuse: There may be aggressive behavior, screaming or agitation that cannot be explained.
  • Sexual abuse: Check for unusual bruising or agitated behavior.

If You See Something, Say Something

If you witness an act of abuse in a nursing home, health care facility or even a private home, call 911 immediately. If you see the signs of neglect or abuse, you should also contact us for a free initial consultation. Call our office in Phoenix, Arizona, at 602-705-0222 or toll-free at 877-900-1791. We can be reached through email.

For your convenience, we offer evening and weekend appointments by request. Home and hospital visits with a lawyer are also available. Unlike most attorneys who require that you pay 33.3 percent of your recovered compensation toward fees, we offer a more reasonable contingency fee of 25 percent of your recovery for nonlitigated cases. Telephones are answered 24 hours a day. We offer services in Spanish and Arabic.