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Holding Drunk Drivers Accountable

An accident caused by a drunk driver is the most tragic type of accident, because it results from someone else’s obvious negligence and disregard for the safety of others. If you have suffered serious injuries or the wrongful death of someone you love, contact experienced Arizona attorney Mohammed Alzaidi to discuss your wrongful death or personal injury claim.

Questions about driving accident compensation? Ask our Phoenix drunk driving accident lawyer. Call 602-705-0222 (877-900-1791 toll free) or email for free consultation.

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At Law Offices of Mohammed Alzaidi , we take a strategic, aggressive approach to obtaining compensation for you. Attorney Alzaidi has more than 24 years of legal experience.

We will do everything possible to help you obtain the full and fair compensation, including:

  • Investigation: We work with investigators, talk with witnesses, look at police reports and explore the other driver’s history to build your case. In many instances, the drunk driver has prior convictions and other criminal elements on record.
  • Negotiation: Many drunk driving cases involve substantial settlement offers, because insurance companies do not want to go to court for a policyholder who was driving drunk.
  • Litigation: We will go after the other driver, the insurance company, the establishment that served the other driver and anyone else who might be responsible. Our objective is to obtain for you the best compensation award available, to cover your medical costs, lost wages, suffering and property damages.

We Charge Less ∙ You Get More!

There will be no charge for handling your property damage matters if we are handling your personal injury claim. This is a free service. Most law firms charge 33.3 percent for personal injury services, but we only charge 25 percent for non-litigated cases, giving you a great value for the same quality legal services. We take our personal injury claims on contingency, so you will not pay attorney fees unless we are successful in your case.

Personalized Service

At Law Offices of Mohammed Alzaidi, we understand that a drunk driving accident is a traumatic event. We want to make your experience with your attorney a positive experience. Attorney Mohammed Alzaidi has an open-door policy. You will meet with your lawyer — not an inexperienced associate or paralegal — throughout your case. Providing for your needs during your recovery is our No. 1 priority.

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