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Three driving habits that can prevent accidents with semitrucks

| Feb 7, 2019 | Uncategorized

Getting into a car accident with a semitruck is bad news. Semitrucks can easily total your vehicle and inflict serious injuries. To help avoid being in an accident with a semitruck, consider the actions you can take to more safely share the road.

Avoid driving in blind spots

One way to help avoid accidents with semitrucks is to leave plenty of space between you and the trucks. Semitrucks have large blind spots on all four sides, which you should avoid entering. The blind spots extend 30 feet behind the truck, 20 feet in front of the truck, one lane on the driver’s side along the middle of the truck and two lanes on the passenger side of the truck. To avoid driving in these blind spots, give trucks plenty of space on all sides.

Pass safely

Passing safely is another habit you can use to help avoid accidents with semitrucks. If you must pass a semitruck, always pass on the driver’s side. Be sure to use your turn signal before moving into the lane, then pass swiftly, so you do not linger in any of the truck’s blind spots. Be sure to allow plenty of space between you and the truck before signaling to change lanes in front of the truck. Never try to pass semitrailers on downgrades when they may pick up additional speed.

Expect wide turns

You can also help avoid accidents with semitrucks by anticipating their need to take wide turns. Because of their size, large trucks need extra room to turn, so they may swing wide or may start a turn from a middle lane. You can avoid positioning your vehicle between the curb and a turning truck, which will help prevent you getting hit by the truck as it turns. You should also be mindful about stopping behind the stop line at intersections. This will help keep you out of the way of any trucks that may need the space in front of the stop line to navigate a wide turn.

As a driver, you probably have to share the road with semitrucks every day. Some of the best ways to avoid potentially devastating accidents are to stay out of their blind spots, pass safely and anticipate wide turns. However, sometimes accidents just happen. If you were injured in a crash involving a semitruck, you may be able to recover medical expenses and other related costs through litigation.