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Why is it important to see a doctor after a car accident?

| Oct 28, 2018 | Uncategorized

On your way home from work, a car rear-ends you. Even though the impact of the crash was significant, you check yourself for injuries and do not find any. Because of this, you choose not to be seen by a doctor. Days later, you notice that you are having severe neck pain and wonder if the pain is due to an injury from the accident.

Many individuals experience situations like this after a car accident, whether serious or not. What are the types of injuries that can make a delayed appearance after a car crash?


When the head jostles violently back and forth during an accident, whiplash can occur. This type of injury affects the neck and is one of the most common injuries to occur. Symptoms of whiplash (neck pain, headache, back pain) can take 24 hours or more to appear, which is why heading to a doctor post-crash is important.


Concussions happen when your head bangs into something hard, such as a steering wheel or car window. Signs of a concussion can appear hours after an accident or sometimes even days after. Because of this, going to the doctor to make sure you do not have a concussion can help alleviate symptoms like headache, pain or brain trauma.

Internal bleeding

One may not notice this type of injury until hours or days after an incident occurs, which can have potentially fatal consequences. When your body collides with a solid object, your organs can suffer serious damage, resulting in internal bleeding. If a doctor does not check you for injury after an accident, you could need surgery.

Car accidents happen all the time and often leave individuals injured, even if they do not realize it. Because of this, it is important to see a doctor after any and all car accidents.