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6 Dirty Tricks…

Insurance Companies Use to Rip Off Policyholders.

Did you know that the insurance industry is among the most profitable sectors within the US economy? Do you think they became so profitable because they approve and pay out on every single claim that comes their way? Hardly! The opposite actually. Their profits soar because they do everything they can to keep from paying out claims. Here are six tricks of the trade they do NOT want you to know about:

Deny claims – Many insurers routinely deny claims in an effort to pad the bottom line. Some even reward employees who successfully deny claims!

Delay until death – Insurance companies know that if they deny a claim long enough, there is a good chance the policyholder will just give up…

Confuse consumers – What happens when one party writes the contract in a way that you cannot hope to understand? Especially when you do not read the fine print until after the fact, when you need the support you thought you were paying for!

Discriminate by credit score – Premiums should be based solely on risk assessment, but some insurers charge more based on poor credit scores. How do financial troubles impact your insurability?

Abandon the sick – One way for insurance companies to cut costs is to cancel policies of the sick. Some even pay their employees bonuses for meeting their “cancellation goals.”

Cancel for a call – Ever decide to pay out of pocket on a small claim so your premiums don’t go up? Oftentimes, an insurer will deny renewal of a policy based on an inquiry about the possibility of making a claim. What is that? You cannot even get the support you thought you had.

In short, if you are dealing with any of the above you owe it to yourself to learn more and seek guidance thru counsel. Mohammed Alzaidi is here to help and he has the experience to point you in the right direction.