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Tips for driving with the glaring sun

| Jul 27, 2018 | Uncategorized

Driving towards the sun can be a very uncomfortable situation. Though there is beautiful scenery on a sunny day, the glaring sun can compromise a driver’s view. The sun can shine directly in your eyes just after sunrise and before sunset.

It is important to be aware of this added risk drivers encounter when it is harder to see the road ahead. The bright sun may be unavoidable, but there are safety measures you can take to prevent accidents and injuries that result from it.

Utilize your car visor

Most cars are equipped with at least one visor on the driver and passenger sides. You are usually able to position the visor to block the sunlight from the front, as well as the side windows. The sun visor is one of the most important ways you can prevent the sun from compromising your view.

You may increase its effectiveness by purchasing additional mini-visors that are available at auto supply stores. An adjustable visor can help you fill the gap that the main visor does not cover.

Declutter your dashboard

The sun can reflect off items that are on your dashboard. Use your glove compartment to avoid a messy dashboard, preventing a glare on your windshield.

Wash your windshield 

Keeping your windshield clean is crucial for improving your visibility while driving. The sun can refract and scatter when your windshield is grimy on the inside and outside. Clean glass is easier to see out of whatever the weather conditions may be. You may benefit from cleaning your windshield before a trip. Windshield fluid can leave drops which reflect the sun until dried up.

Alter driving habits

It’s likely that the vision of the drivers around you is also being compromised by the glaring sun. When visibility is an issue you should reduce your speed, and avoid tailgating the car in front of you.

You may also want to consider wearing sunglasses when the sun is bright. Absolutely perfect visibility while driving is rare, as weather conditions change seasonally. If you make the proper adjustments, you can minimize additional risks that come with the glaring sun.