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Can I really afford to work with a personal injury lawyer on my claim?

If you or someone you know has recently been involved in an accident or sustained an injury – then this question has probably already popped up into your mind or theirs…

It is a valid concern, but mostly because many do not understand how the fee schedule works with an injury or accident law firm, but with a little insight your fears of affordability can float away and dissipate so you can focus on the injury itself, and getting your life back in order, because an experienced attorney can help and NOT on your hard-earned dime. How is this possible you ask? Let’s explore what a contingency fee schedule is and what it looks like on your side of the fence.

A contingency fee is just that. It is a fee that is contingent upon the outcome of the case or matter. Meaning if there is no recovery then there is no fee, but if the case settles or goes to litigation, then the fee itself is extracted from the settlement or awarded dollar figure. So ask yourself, do you really have anything to lose? If you or someone you know has been injured or has been involved in an accident, why would you not seek legal advice on your options? Many do not, and that is not the smart move. Always know your options, there is no harm in getting a lay of the land, and Mohammed Alzaidi can offer that expertise and consult with you on your matter. Not to mention he offers a free consultation!

Another very pertinent question regarding attorney fees is how much does my lawyer get? This is where the waters can get muddy and you truly need to know your options and vet the attorney you decide to move forward with.

The vast majority of injury and accident firms take 1/3 of the awarded $ figure. That is right, 33% goes to their hard work. Keep in mind they took on all of the costs to settle or try your case, so this is a very fair fee, in the opinion of most. BUT – what if you could get more of your settlement and not compromise the quality of your representation? Would that interest you?

It should, and this is why you need to do your due diligence when selecting your counsel. Mohammed Alzaidi only accepts ¼ of your settlement or 25% providing the matter does NOT go to litigation. Mohammed has uncovered millions of dollars for his many clients over the years and he knows that the majority of injury claims can be settled outside of going to trial. SO – if most injuries end in settlement and never see the light of a court room, and you have the ability to walk away with more of your settled figure it would probably be a good idea and in your best interest to start your journey with a free consult at the Law Offices of Mohammed W. Alzaidi right away.